What new idea - unexplored solution - sticky problem are you grappling with? We want to offer you access to our community of experts, thoughtful citizens, students, scholars and friends. FLOX LAB is our signature 3 hour design sprint - set up like a dinner salon - with food, facilitation and featured experts. It’s at the core of what it means for us to be a community based accelerator. Imagine 15 great guests all dedicated to co-exploring and ideating a testable prototype. All on us!
*Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis - and 10 FLOX LABs are awarded annually and hosted monthly.

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Can you commit to 2-3 phone calls, a few emails and two interviews (one for Medium and one for FLOX CAST)? *
(1) What work have you done in this area? (2) Describe the origin story of the question or idea you want to explore? (3) How have you currently engaged your community? (4) Are you familiar with design thinking? (5) Is there a timeline for solving this that we should be aware of?